Camille Horine
Chief Enthusiasic Officer


Three roads to clutter-busting

Fix In Fifteen

Designed for short bursts of your time and energy, these seven lists itemize simple chores that can be completed in fifteen minutes. Little bits of effort here and there add up to a greater sense of order over time. Get your first list for FREE!

Clutter Coaching

You’ll be more impressed by what you finish than by what you start. When organizing by yourself, motivation can fade. I can help you overcome your fears and integrate discipline to make this time a success story and optimize your happiness.

Starter Package

For hand’s-on help, this is the bee’s knees. It’s a gather-focus-go approach to dejunking. Want to minimize distraction and build momentum? This option is for you. Need someone to take charge yet not be a steamroller, you got it. Working one on one, one resident with one organizer, you will see results. Relief is on its way.

Looking for that perfect gift to help a friend or family member achieve ORDER and PEACE in their life? My gift certificates can help!

"Incredible! I couldn't believe how much we accomplished in one afternoon. It would have taken me at least three weekends to get all that done, and is that what I really want to be doing with my free time? So worth it!"

If you find yourself unable to see your desk and have files and piles of paper, I help you sort through the chaos and gain clarity because when you’re surrounded by the simplicity of order, it’s easier to focus with intention and to be prepared for the next opportunity.