Camille Horine
Chief Enthusiastic Officer

If you like to do things yourself, my 30-minute coaching session is a collaboration with you to transform your space and to simplify your life.

If you prefer to organize by yourself and would like to increase your chances of finally establishing order, I offer direction, support and encouragement over the phone. I will help guide you through all the entanglements and provide clarity that will keep you on track.

Choose a series of one, three, or six 30-minute coaching sessions that fit your pace. That rhythm can be determined after we talk the first time.

During our call(s), we will:

  • Identify priorities in your home or office space

  • Establish action steps you can take between sessions

  • Persevere towards the big picture

30-minute phone sessions

I’ve helped others… I can help you too.

I can’t thank you enough. You gave me the courage to start after years of being stuck. It felt safe to be with you although difficult for me to let go of shame for letting things go for so long. You gave me the gift of no judgement, only compassion. And ... you are really good at the process of bringing order! Creatively, beautifully . . . thank you.
— Traci Downey

I was amazed. I would have never thought of the solutions Camille came up with. I finally moved from the family home into a townhouse that I love. A year later, my messy office was still a job I was procrastinating on. I worked with Camille before and knew she could help me again. She came up with a couple of different alternatives which we tried until she found the system that worked best for me. She will help you prioritize what you want to do, focus and stay focused, and will make that off-putting task actually feel like fun.
— Marian Joyce