Give the gift of organization!

Women especially have a mythical mindset around organizing their homes. They falsely believe they can do it all themselves. The very existence of clutter suggests otherwise. The thing is, clutter is chaos and stress, and the very sight of it is emotionally disturbing.

ONE BIG REASON to give the gift of organizing: CALM

  • Order is calm

  • A house in order is calm

  • A life in order is calm

GIVE THE GIFT OF SIMPLE LIVING, living with less stuff, to create a peaceful place to come home to.


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Clutter Coaching

30-minute phone sessions

Starter Package (Half-day)

Half day sessions

Starter Package (Full-day)

Full day sessions

‘Fix in Fifteen’ Lists

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Full 'Fix in Fifteen' lists

Gift certificates for Clutter Coaching

When organizing by oneself, motivation can fade. True too, it’s hard to get started. There are always a gazillion other things competing for time. I bet you know someone in this predicament. With my help over the phone, procrastination is addressed, hurdles become less of a barrier, and my contagious enthusiasm overrides any languishing momentum. We all need a success story from time to time. Clutter Coaching can do just that.

P.S. Along the way, new habits to slow down clutter’s return invasion are introduced - the gift that keeps on giving.


Gift certificates for Starter Package

This is a dejunking dynamo, a great gift for a gather-focus-go approach. Working one on one, one organizer with one resident, we break through the state of being overwhelmed. My job then is to lead, create solutions, minimize distractions, build momentum, and actually finish the project. Know anyone who would appreciate hands-on help for a room or closet makeover? The Starter Package is just the thing.


Gift certificates for Fix in Fifteen Lists

This is a gift for busy people. Designed for short bursts of time and energy, these seven lists itemize simple chores that can be completed in fifteen minutes. Little bits of effort here and there add up to a greater sense of order over time. The “Fix in Fifteen” lists offer practical steps and helpful insights to achieve victory in the home or office.

Edit your life frequently and ruthlessly. It’s your masterpiece after all.
— Nathan Morris