Our priority at Order & Space is to keep as much out of the dumpster and the landfill as possible. We believe conserving resources and eliminating waste is necessary for the well being of Mother Earth and both present and future generations. Our company’s values respect this practice and are a guiding influence for the work we do.



After sorting your discards, we donate to several, local non-profits strengthening their resources and our community. These exchanges promote a sense of trust and cooperation and influence the ripple effect of generosity.


Materials that would be thrown away as trash are recycled and turned into new products conserving raw materials and reducing the negative impact waste has on our natural environment. This loop of collecting, processing, manufacturing and purchasing new products made from recycled materials benefits the economy and the environment.

We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.
— Native American Proverb
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Knowing my giveaways were donated to an organization who could use them now made it easier for me to decide to move them on. There is tremendous need in this county.

"Why am I keeping all this extra stuff I might use someday? Years have passed, and I forget I even have it. Holding on to things doesn't fit with my value of generosity to others.

One of the conveniences about Order & Space is they remove what I'm getting rid of on the same day. Out the door it goes! Not only does it save me time, there is a greater sense of accomplishment and completion. I don't have to load boxes and bags in my car hoping to remember to drop them off at donation sites only to discover they're still there a week later cluttering my trunk when I open it to place my grocery shopping inside.

P.S. Trying to do it yourself is overwhelming. I was stuck and just couldn't do it. I was so glad for their courteous help."

                                                                                                                                     - Diana Fullem