Camille Horine
Cheif Enthusiastic Organizer

Need help making decisions? Want to get unstuck? My starter package is perfect for you.

One-on-one collaboration in your residence or office includes:

  • Identifying where to start

  • Breaking down the project into successes you can complete

  • Developing systems for flow of incoming and outgoing inventory

  • Removing discards. Re-purposing and recycling when possible

  • Support through emotional curves and break through the resistance

  • Providing momentum and inspiration to finish the project while holding you accountable

This service is perfect for customers who live within 45 minutes driving time to Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Half day sessions
Full day sessions

How does the starter package work?


1) Choose a session

Choose half or full day sessions from the options above.


2) Share your story

Fill me in on the details and send pictures of your project to help me strategize.


3) Talk with me

We’ll get on the same page about your priorities and prepare to get the most accomplished.


4) Work together

I’ll arrive at your home or office on the day(s) we decided. We’ll overcome one of the hardest things first, getting started!

How will I help during this process?


Discuss your goals and challenges

Working through the excess of clutter is overwhelming. This time allows us to get to know each other and to develop a working relationship.


Partner with you to organize on-site

I’ll embark on this journey with you. To realize the satisfaction you’re looking for, we’ll find the balance, consistency and perseverance to make this endeavor worthwhile and rewarding.


Reclaim your space

Breakthroughs will happen. The first step is to make up your mind and plan to succeed. During our process, I will help develop new patterns and ways of thinking around your space to increase the likelihood of long-term success.

What do other people have to say?

I had a major wake-up call with a bout of cancer. After finishing my treatment, I finally decided to take time for me instead of everyone else. I am very capable of making decisions, but when it came to sorting my own belongings, I procrastinated. Then one day I couldn’t stand it anymore.

Camille’s kind manner and enthusiastic spirit helped me figure it out. She also encouraged limits and boundaries that I found agreeable. It was a process, but eventually she brought me to sanity and reason.

It’s hard to explain what happened as order was being restored. I had clarity, something I didn’t have in a long time, and it expanded into the rest of my life. I feel better in my own skin. This is who I am.
— Pam Carvell
I never did this before. My focus has been out in the world and not in my nest.
— Kathleen King
I finally moved from the family home into a townhouse that I love. A year later, my messy office was still a job I was procrastinating on. I worked with Camille before and knew she could help me again. She came up with a couple of different alternatives which we tried until she found the system that worked best for me. She will help you prioritize what you want to do, focus and stay focused, and will make that off-putting task actually feel like fun.
— Marian Joyce
One of the conveniences about Order & Space is they remove what I’m getting rid of on the same day. Out the door it goes! Not only does it save me time, there is a greater sense of accomplishment and completion. I don’t have to load boxes and bags in my car hoping to remember to drop them off at donation sites only to discover they’re still there a week later cluttering my trunk when I open it to place my grocery shopping inside.

P.S. Trying to do it yourself is overwhelming. I was stuck and just couldn’t do it. I was so glad for their courteous help.
— Diana Fullem

Is food causing disorder in your pantry? It’s easy to simply throw boxes and packages in there without giving much thought to where things live. Check out the difference a little organization and clearing out makes!

A common problem for homeowners is counterspace and cabinet space. However, you can achieve victory over these spaces and still fit what you need. You just have to be a bit creative sometimes…


Organizing your kitchen cabinets provide opportunities to create meaningful space in your home.