“I can't thank you enough."

You gave me the courage to start after years of being stuck. It felt safe to be with you although difficult for me to let go of shame for letting things go for so long. You gave me the gift of no judgement, only compassion. And ... you are really good at the process of bringing order! Creatively, beautifully . . . thank you.

— Traci Downey


"I never did this before.”

My focus has been out in the world and not in my nest.

— Kathleen King



“I just needed someone to help me make decisions!”

I had a major wake-up call with a bout of cancer. After finishing my treatment, I finally decided to take time for me instead of everyone else. I started exercising and eating better and found I needed to address the mess and neglect in my home. I am very capable of making decisions, but when it came to sorting my own belongings, I procrastinated. I travel a lot for business, and it's not uncommon for me to be away more than I'm home. So I looked past the layers of piles. I guess I got used to it. Then one day I couldn't stand it anymore. 

Camille's kind manner and enthusiastic spirit helped me figure it out. She also encouraged limits and boundaries that I found agreeable. It was a process, but eventually she brought me to sanity and reason.

It's hard to explain what happened as order was being restored. I had clarity, something I didn't have in a long time, and it expanded into the rest of my life. There are things that I never thought possible that now I do see as possible. I feel better in my own skin. This is who I am.

— Pam Carvell

"I got this sick feeling in my stomach when I got near "the zone."

My husband and I downsized, and I got mostly everything unpacked. Boxes that were unopened, too many holiday decorations, plus other home decor items I couldn't figure out what to do with were shoved into one room floor to ceiling, unstable piles tumbling onto one another. I couldn't even walk in it. I closed the door.

Each time I opened the door, it gave me a sick feeling in my gut. It got worse. Eventually getting near the door set off the same body reaction. I didn't want to face it. I was spent. I just couldn't do it.

Camille came and did her magic while I continued working from my home occupation. It felt so great to get it done. What a relief.

— Beth Lovell